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  Rossiter Backs Doyle Title Bid  

SWINDON boss Alun Rossiter insists club legend Jason Doyle has what it takes to win a second world title – and he remains very much in his 2021 plans.

And for the first time, Rossiter has held his hand up and admitted making a mistake in leaving Doyle out of the team in 2018.
“I cannot speak highly enough of Doyley,” he said. “He’s a fantastic rider who has a second world title in him, without any doubt for me.
“He’s a class rider, so professional and he showed on occasions this year that he’s still got what it takes to mix it with the best.
“We want him at Swindon next year, I know there’s a lot of talk about some changes to teams in the Premiership and I don’t have a problem with that, we have to adapt to the circumstances, but I want Jason in the team.
“In hindsight we made a mistake letting him go after our league title win in 2017. We should have kept him.
“It made us realise how important it is to have a talisman, an out and out number one rider. We had it for years with Leigh Adams and Jason plays that role for us now.
“To have a rider who you would expect to get 12-14 points per meeting at the top end of the team is excellent.”
Rossiter is cool about the lower end of the team with Ellis Perks already ruled out saying he cannot afford to continue riding and now has a role as a fitness trainer.
A further switch may be needed but Rossiter has confirmed he has been looking at all his options and had already started planning without Perks.
“We’ve made an enquiry or two here and there,” he said. “Whatever we come up with, we will be competitive and challenge for another league title, our third in four seasons.”

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