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Somerset Speedway Report


COMING in the heels of two consecutive losses, firstly, by 4-points to Poole on the previous Monday, and then suffering defeat by Belle Vue last Wednesday, the ‘Cases’ Somerset Rebels first home defeat since 1st September last year....

....., Garry May had asked his team to step up to the plate in this BT Sport televised meeting, and step up to the plate they certainly did, in emphatic style. Their opponents were the in form Poole Pirates, with their recent improvement in form, many pundits thought this to be a very tight meeting, and one which the Rebels may have lost.
Clearly, May had got his point across, as the home side started the meeting in double quick time, taking heat advantages in the first three races, quickly opening up a 6-point margin over Poole. Jason Doyle made a rapid exit from the gate in Heat 1, with Aaron Summers dropping in behind Josh Grajczonek for third place. However that situation didn’t last long before Brady Kurtz took to the wide line to charge around the outside of Summers down the back straight but Summers hit straight back, with a neat inside move as they started the second lap. After that Doyle pulled away, whilst Summers chased Grajczonek and Kurtz likewise on Summers.
Jake Allen flew from the gate in Heat 2, with Frederik Jakobsen in close proximity. The pair engaged in an elbow banging session into the turn, with Allen coming out on top, to lead into the second bend. Bradley Wilson-Dean got the better of Kacper Woryna early in the piece, before chasing down but never quite getting to Jakobsen for second behind the untroubled Allen.
Richard Lawson got the better of the fast starting Nicolai Klindt in the opening turn in the next heat, with Klindt cutting back for an unsuccessful inside move on the next curve. Nico Covatti, after a relatively slow start, made a good back straight run to steam under Richie Worrall on the third bend. Klindt pressed Lawson all the way, but the Worcestershire based rider produced a determined ride to thwart all of Klindt’s efforts.
The Pirates closed the gap in Heat 4, with Kacper Woryna getting a jet propelled start to lead all the way from Bradley Wilson-Dean. Behind the pair, a battle raged between Jack Holder and Chris Harris, both of whom had made slow starts. Harris led Holder over the first lap, until the Rebels man dived inside him at the final turn, almost collecting Wilson-Dean in the process. The pair raced close together, until Harris took the wide line down the back straight of Lap 3, to move back to third place. Holder wasn’t done and came with a huge run around the final turns of the race, closing with every turn of his wheels, but Harris just hung on at the flag to give the Pirates their first advantage of the night.
Things became worse for the Rebels in the next heat, when Brady Kurtz and Josh Grajczonek blasted from the gate to lead all the way. Kurtz immediately took the widest of lines, powering around the fence for all four laps. Richard Lawson and Nico Covatti were left for dead from the opening turn, and could not make any impression on the flying Pirates duo. The maximum advantage put the visitors back on level terms with the Rebels.
If the Pirates and their fans were feeling buoyant after levelling the match, their joys were to be short lived, as the Rebels shot a big hole in the Pirate ship in the very next heat. Jason Doyle shot from the tapes, to lead all the way but his partner; Aaron Summers was last from Gate 3. However he didn’t panic, as they approached the turn, he made a superb cut back under both Pirates riders, Chris Harris and Frederik Jakobsen, to drop onto the back wheel of his skipper. The pair then team rode home, with Doyle just taking the win on the line.
The following two heats were shared, Heat 7 seeing Nicolai Klindt make a huge lunge at the tapes, before being called back for the restart. In the re-run, Jack Holder made a superb start to lead up from Klindt and Richie Worrall, with Jake Allen missing the gate. Allen was soon on the chase, pressing both Pirates until losing touch later in the race. Klindt took up the chase on Holder, but the leader had too much in hand, despite clipping the back straight fence and lifting sharply on the third lap.
Heat 8 was also pulled back when the referee deemed that Kacper Woryna moved, but to many in the stadium, he just made the perfect start. In the restart he again made a fabulous getaway, leading up from Aaron Summers and Bradley Wilson-Dean. Wilson-Dean set about Woryna, racing wheel-to-wheel and challenging hard in the early exchanges. Summers then took up the chase, but Woryna was not for catching. Josh Grajczonek, who had made a poor start, came on the scene late on, closing down Wilson-Dean over the last couple of laps, but eventually to no avail.
The Rebels opened up an 8-point gap in Heat 9 when Richard Lawson and Nico Covatti blasted in a ‘Full House’ of points. Lawson blazed from the tapes and dropped over the top of Chris Harris on the first bend, with Frederik Jakobsen following him through. Covatti, who had been extremely disappointed with his performance against Belle Vue last week, was last away; nevertheless, he was soon on the move, flying by Harris on the back straight. Having accounted for Harris he quickly turned his attention to Jakobsen, who was soon in his sights. The pair swapped places several times over the next couple of laps until Covatti’s superb ride saw him make second place his own on the final turn of the third lap. He then joined Lawson at the front as the pairing closed out the maximum advantage.
The Rebels virtually sewed up the match with three shared heats on the bounce, which took them into Heat 13, 8-points to the good. Heat 10 went to Jason Doyle, who made his third superb start on the trot, as he led Nicolai Klindt and Richie Worrall into the curve. Aaron Summers was last away but was soon harrying the Pirates duo. He charged up the inner of Worrall on the second bend of the second lap but was repelled. He constantly pressed the Pirates man, but couldn’t find a way by, or force an error from his opponent. With Doyle untroubled at the front, the heat was shared.
The Pirates needed points as the heats were running out. It may have been on Brady Kurtz’ mind that they needed to reduce the deficit, but whatever the reason, he went straight through the tapes in Heat 11, leaving the referee no alternative but to exclude him. Neil Middleditch brought on Kacper Woryna in his place and this proved to be the first of four consecutive outings for the hard working young Pole. The re-run saw Jack Holder contest the early running with Josh Grajczonek, before hitting the front at the turn, with Woryna in third. Jake Allen was last away but was soon pressing on the wide line and appeared to be closing down Woryna, until he cut back inside and lost ground.
The Pirates threw in a tactical substitute in Heat 12, bringing in Brady Kurtz for Richie Worrall. They also replaced Frederik Jakobsen with Kacper Woryna. Both moves proved relatively fruitless when Nico Covatti bolted from the tapes to produce a superb ride to deny Kurtz. For his part, Kurtz hit the wide line but had no answer to Covatti’s speed. Bradley Wilson-Dean was last away but was soon chasing hard, however despite his efforts he couldn’t make any impression on Woryna’s third place. Covatti had started the meeting slowly but had come on strong late in the meeting, with a superb ride in Heat 9, before taking what may very well have been one of the most telling wins of the night.
The meeting was put beyond doubt with another Rebels maximum in Heat 13. Jason Doyle hit the front from the tapes, clamping Brady Kurtz to the kerb in the first bend. Meanwhile, Jack Holder, who was also fast away, took advantage, powering around the outside to join Doyle at the head of affairs. Once there the pair showed no mercy, pulling away from the second lap to win easily from Kurtz and Kacper Woryna, who had replaced Chris Harris. Woryna, who was a long way behind at the time, slowed on Lap 4 and retired before completing the final circuit.
The Pirates took a consolation heat advantage in Heat 14. Richard Lawson, normally a reliable starter, made a shockingly slow start and was last away. The Pirates pair, Nicolai Klindt and Kacper Woryna, shot from the tapes with Bradley Wilson-Dean close up in third. Wilson-Dean made second spot his own with a neat move inside Woryna at the start of the second lap. He then set off after Klindt, closing on every lap and coming with a strong run at the death, which just failed. Although he closed Woryna down, Lawson was never near enough to grab third.
Brady Kurtz had another attack of the jitters in the nominated heat and he again went through the tapes. Jack Holder was unfortunately caught up in the tapes as he pulled away, leaving him with a nasty sore neck from the friction burn. Kurtz place was taken by Frederik Jakobsen. In the restart, Jason Doyle once again made a superb start, his fifth of the night. He shot from the tapes to lead up from Nicolai Klindt and Jakobsen with Holder last into the bend. With Doyle in the wind, Holder set off after the Pirates duo but it wasn’t until Lap 3 that he caught and passed Jakobsen. He was soon hunting down Klindt but the flag came too soon.
For a meeting, which many pundits and fans alike thought would be a tough one for the Rebels, the home side had been dominant. Despite the Pirates levelling the scores at Heat 5, they never looked as though they would trouble the ‘Cases’ Somerset Rebels. The Rebels had produced a gritty all round performance, led superbly by their captain Jason Doyle, with a five ride full maximum. However, the Somerset ‘Rider of the Night’ award, presented by Becky Amestoy of meeting sponsors, Burnham Portable Toilet Hire, went to Nico Covatti. Becky said, whilst Jason Doyle was unbeaten all night, Nico had a slow start to the meeting, but came good at the end, and produced what were probably two of the most important rides of the night in Heats 9 and 12.
From the Pirates point of view, they had suffered from some indifferent contributions, especially from their top two riders. They were saved from an even worse fate by the performances of Nicolai Klindt (11pts) and Kacper Woryna (9+2)
The ‘Cases’ Somerset Rebels will be quickly back on track, with the visit of the Leicester Lions on Wednesday (22nd August). Once again Garry May will be looking for his charges to produce a solid performance, and not take anything for granted based on the Lions current league position. Leicester showed last week that anything is possible, with their defeat of Belle Vue.
Dave Thompson.

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