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Titans management team stays in place


DESPITE missing out on promotion in National Two South, Taunton Titans' three-man management team will continue into the 2019-20 rugby season.

Tony Yapp remains as head coach, with team manager Keith Brooking and forwards coach Chris Brown continuing in their posts.
Yapp said: "People often say 'It's about time Taunton went up.' but you have to look at the players we have helped progress.
"There are 27 players who have played in our tenure who are now at a higher level - if we had kept those players together, we would have gone up, but it is difficult to stand in people's way when they get opportunities.
"It is also important to look at the bigger picture - the rugby club is not just the Titans.
"The Warriors have won the Somerset Cup, the Wanderers won their league and the Colts reached finals at various age groups.
"Overall, I think it has been a good season for the club as a whole.
"I look at key moments, some of which have gone for us and some against us. We have had injuries at bad times, particularly in the loss of Toots (Ratu Vakalutukali) and Jarrard Hayler, after Christmas.
"This season marks the latest in a serious of consistent finishes for Taunton, who still can't quite bridge the gap between themselves and the top two."
Titans ended the season with a disappointing 66-31 defeat away to Worthing Raiders last weekend.

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