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  Chinese Grand Prix Sebastian And Charles Ready To Fight At Shanghai  

Image Copyright: Ferrari S.p.A.

THIS weekend sees the sixteenth running of the Chinese Formula 1 Grand Prix. Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc are ready to fight on the Shanghai track.

Sebastian Vettel #5
The Chinese GP has been on the calendar for quite a while and its held on one of the most technical and difficult tracks of the year. Two of the corners are especially important: the first one and the one leading to the very long straight, over a kilometre in length. Theyre both very technical and its difficult to find the right line because the track there is also very wide. They are challenging, not only in qualifying when you need to do just one lap, but also in the race. Looking after tyres is one of the key points in Shanghai, its the most important job to do on Sunday in order to be fast for the whole race. In the past Ive had some good races here with Ferrari, coming very close to winning. Maybe this time well get that little bit of luck, so that we can really celebrate the thousandth Formula 1 race.
Charles Leclerc #16
I dont know the Shanghai track that well, having only raced there once, last year. I have good memories of qualifying, less so of the race itself. But overall, I like the track a lot because there are many different types of corner that you dont find elsewhere on the calendar, especially turn 1, and also 13 which leads onto the long straight. Usually, the Chinese race is good fun, because the weather can be unpredictable and rain can arrive when you least expect it. Its the thousandth race in the history of Formula 1 and I hope the car will be as good as it was in Bahrain, so that I can continue to go for the results we deserve.

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