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Check out Yeovil Netball Club's last few games of the season


GOING into their final game of the season, Newton started with the intention to play steady, to ensure possession of the ball all the way to goal. With this stable start, Newton were leading 15-13 at quarter time.

Entering the second quarter, Newton knew they had to continue to play the ball seamlessly down the court, to successfully feed the shooters who were undoubtedly on their A game, when it came to goal scoring. The Claremont defense were not going to allow it to be so effortless and started to put considerably more pressure on the attack, making them tactically change their game. With that said, Claremont had taken the lead by 2 at half time, finishing 24-22.

With a quick team talk, Newton went into the third quarter with the determination to pull ahead. Pressure was applied down the court, resulting in some great turnovers from our defense, which allowed the attack to successfully feed the shooters. However, with a few own errors, Claremont were able to gain possession to play the ball confidently into their shooters to score the necessary goals to pull ahead. The third quarter being 40-36 to Claremont.

Newton went into the final quarter with the intention to increase goals and continue to play our own game. This great team effort saw further turnovers from defence which allowed the attack to take the ball to goal. Unfortunately for Newton, it wasn’t enough to take the victory with the final score being 55-49.

It was a great team effort, with each and every team member supporting one another to the very last whistle!

Reckleford v Tudor

Final score: 60-9

Reckleford Rockets hosted Tudor at home for their final game of the season. Reckleford started the first quarter strong and didn’t allow Tudor to get the ball. Our defence didn’t let Tudor shooters have many chances at converting goals and any loose passes were intercepted by Reckleford quickly. The first quarter ended 15-3 to the Rockets.

More determined than ever Reckleford wanted to extend the lead and the centre court players couldn’t have helped more with flying interceptions and bringing the ball safely down the court from a defender turn over. The second quarter ended Reckleford up 28-4. The third quarter saw Reckleford put their foot on the pedal even more and the shooters were on fire. The team seemed to have an energy that the other team just couldn’t keep up with. Ending the third quarter 41-9.

With a couple, more changes in the last quarter Reckleford knew they would end the season on a high and a very impressive win. The defenders became such a strong unit the opposition struggled to convert any goals in the last quarter. With the incredible effort from the centre court players to get the ball to the circle the shooters seemed to have a magnet

from the ball to the net. Increasing their lead by nineteen goals in the last quarter. Ending the game 60-9!

Well done to Reckleford this year for a good season. Thank you to all the players that have joined and not been there from the start. Thank you to the whole team for a fun and competitive season.

PP – Ali, Alice & Becky

Doves v Summerhouse

Final Score: - 29-43

Summerhouse started off strongly, confidently working the ball successfully down the court to our shooters. The defenders were getting some great tips and jumping onto all rebounds from Doves attempts to shoot. Half way through the quarter our shooter went down with an injury and so Gemma slotted into the attack initiating some lovely play with Philippa who was put back to shooter. The quarter ended 13-6 to Summerhouse.

The second quarter saw some good attacking plays as our attack slowly gelled into a unit with a different shooter. We made some changes to our centre court which took a while to get into the game. Doves were able to make some good plays and came back into the game. Final quarter score 24-15 to Summerhouse.

Third quarter saw the introduction of our shooter back into the play. The whole team played well but couldn't capatilise on some good centre court plays, meaning that the quarter was very low scoring. 32-20 to Summerhouse.

The final quarter was just about the team having fun and playing out their last game of the season. The whole team was on point, with the centre court sending some lovely balls into their shooters. The defenders carried on giving 100%, gaining vital intercepts and putting doves off of their shooting. By the end of the game the final score was 43-29 to Summerhouse.

Lovely game girls! It has been a privilege to play with you.

Players Player – Gemma

Oppositions Player:- Becca

2018/19 Presentation Winners

Summerhouse player - Emily Aldon Player - Alice Reckleford player - Emily Hendford player - Katie Wyndham Player - Amelia Newton Player – Zoe Babylon Player & player’s player – Charlie Coaches player – Tammie

Coaches most improved – Lucy Team of the year - Hendford Club member of the year – Sarah

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