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Babylon lose out but Hendford and Reckleford both win


BABYLON travelled to play Huccelecote Comets in Gloucester for their penultimate game of the season.

Babylon travelled to play Huccelecote Comets in Gloucester for their penultimate game of the season. Babylon’s attack were up against a fierce Huccelecote defence, with the first quarter ending 20-7 in home team's favour.

A few changes to Babylon’s attack and centre court saw the second and third quarter to be closely contested. Babylon’s defense worked well together putting pressure on the ball and winning a number of turnovers, with centre court taking advantage and feeding into space for the attackers to take the point.

Babylon continued to work well as a team and kept up the positive praise throughout, however Huccelcote took the win 72-44.

OP - Daniella
PP - Anna

Hendford 54 vs Neptune 37

Hendford came out strong in the first quarter immediately taking control of the game and the lead, ending the first quarter with a lead of 18 goals to 9.

No changes were made for the second quarter; Hendford had a little blip and let Neptune win that quarter, but Hendford still kept the total lead with 26 goals to 19.

With fresh legs at WA, Hendford fought back and won the third quarter 42 goals to 30.

In the final quarter, Karla made her debut game back after being off a lot of the season with injury! With an immediate interception and goal, Hendford knew she meant business!! Hendford kept their heads and won the final quarter and game!

Everyone played amazingly, including man of the match, Nicola, who Hendford sadly has to say goodbye to as she heads back home!

Reckleford 47 Vs Canons-19

Reckleford Rockets played Canons this weekend in Wells. Reckleford came out strong in the first quarter and soon got into a good rhythm moving the ball up and down the court to the shooters. The defence worked tirelessly intercepting balls and stealing endless rebounds. The end of the first quarter Reckleford led 15-5.

After a strong first quarter the Rockets didn’t let up with goals. The Reckleford defence almost put a wall up and wouldn’t let the canons attack into their circle. The ball was swung beautifully across the Reckleford circle putting into practice what they had learnt in training that week with the Reckleford shooters putting endless goals into the net even with the windy conditions! keeping the lead through the second quarter, ending 30-9.

The third quarter saw both teams change up the squads. Reckleford kept up the tempo but canons managed to claw some goals back. The shooters worked the ball well round there third but not quite managing to convert the goals for all their efforts. The mid court players kept the ball safe in the windy conditions and worked incredibly hard fighting for every interception they could get their hands on. The third quarter ended 39-16.

With a healthy lead Reckleford changed up the team again. The shooters eager to put more goals in succeeded and worked the ball tirelessly around the circle and were rewarded with the goals. The defence stood strong and worked really well as a team to hold off canons attack and get the interceptions. The mid court players worked the court well to move the ball cleverly down the court to the shooters. The final score ended 47-19.

In the words of one of our players ‘we could be the next England team after that performance’.

PP Beth
OP Jess

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