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Check out Yeovil Netball Club's busy weekend


BABYLON played host to Exeter in the regional league.The game started off a very well contested match between the Bees and Exeter.

Babylon’s defence kept continuous pressure on the Exeter shooters forcing the mistakes and giving the Bees some of the turnovers, allowing them to bring the ball down the court and into the attacking end for the shooters to put up the shots. This quarter could have gone either way. However, Exeter were just leading the 1st quarter with a four-goal lead (16-12).

The 2nd quarter saw a few changes to defence due to GK calling injury time. A lot of some real, contest play within the Babylon defence and Exeter attack, however Babylon lost their stride and momentum which gave Exeter the advantage to pick up on their mistakes and therefore pull away the score line, ending the second quarter 34-16.

In the 3rd quarter Babylon had more of a push due to the team talk at half time. The whole team showed much more energy and grit to claw back at the score line. The Bees tried gaining as much ground as possible down the court and fed the ball nicely into the shooters, despite Exeter shutting down the space. Babylon’s defence kept strong and determined however Exeter’s GS held her space well. This ended the third quarter 44-24.

Exeter comfortably going into the last quarter with a considerable goal lead, the last quarter saw a few changes to Babylon’s attacking end and a few too the defensive end. The last 15 minutes were of a high intensity, as both teams kept fighting and adding to the scoreboard. Babylon had some great one-two passes in the shooting circle and defence was maintained all the way down the court, conceding some tips and interceptions. Despite, all the hard work the score line didn’t reflect how Babylon played but it gave the team some specific things to work on, and to improve on in the future. The score ended 63-33 to Exeter.

OP - (GA) Daniella
PP - (GK) Anna

Newton V Sapphires
Final Score:- 60 – 40

After a few weekends off Newton travelled to Bridgewater to play Sapphires, excited to get back onto the court.

From the first whistle Newton set the tempo for the match with both attack & defense bringing elements from training into their game. The shooters worked off each other to create space & produced great drives into the circle, making it easy for the WA & C to feed first time accurate balls in which were then converted.

At the other end of the court the defense worked together tirelessly to prevent Sapphires shooters from getting a shooting opportunity. The transition from defense to attack was measured and controlled throughout the court, Newton seeming to have so much space and time and this produced some great passages of play.
Thank you to Zoe & Amelia for playing & both slotting into the team so effortlessly. Overall an awesome game of netball with everyone giving 100% effort, so much so that we couldn’t pick a player’s player as everyone played so well!

OP Katie

Hendford V Rubies
Final score – 54-40

Hendford got off to a flying start, a team talk from Toni ‘let’s settle with this new combination and take things steady’ everyone did adapting to each other’s play! Defence unit tipping from the start making their shooters feel the pressure. Ending the first quarter with a 15-7 lead!

The 2nd quarter had no changes made to the squad, this time we’ve settled let’s continue this and play our socks off. Everyone gave 100% with Wyndham’s Sam at Centre as a sub supporting the defence bringing the ball down the court, Simone WA giving great feeds into the circle and the attack really worked the circle edge well with the shooters calmly popping one after another!! Ending with a 28-18 lead.

3rd quarter changes made to centre court with fresh legs coming in from sub Katie who slotted in well in the squad keeping the tempo up mid court, a switch in the defence circle between Toni and Kelly also left Hendford continuing to thrive with a lead of 42-26 and finally taking the 54-40 win.

PP Katie
OP Simone

Reckleford vs. Newbarn
Final Score – 33-39

Reckleford played Newbarn this week and had a great game. After a good start and a couple goals scored, Reckleford realised that they were going to have a fight on their hands. Incorporating tactics from training and working the ball back and forth to get a clean pass into the circle worked well and gave the shooters opportunities to get as many goals as possible. All of reckleford worked hard and had to increase the effort when one of the team members had to come off after being cut on the court, Reckleford were down to 6 players. At the end of the quarter Newbarn were ahead 12-8.

With new targets and having all 7 players back on court Reckleford were ready to close the gap. It took a little time to get back into the swing of things but after a while Reckleford found their rhythm and settled down. Attack found themselves having to work a little harder to get the ball successfully into the circle but after practicing in training, attack got the ball into the circle with some fantastic feeds. After some amazing interceptions and turnovers from the defence, Reckleford managed to shorten the goal difference, ending the quarter with Newbarn still ahead with 18-15.
The third quarter showed that Reckleford was struggling slightly with only having 7 players available, however giving up was never an option, at times having to remind each other to slow down and take a breath. The shooters had to work harder to move the ball around the circle, feeding it in and out in order to get closer to the post, finally ending in having to take some risky shots. Defence were constantly being challenged by Newbarn, but they kept going and incorporated training into their play. The third quarter ended with Newbarn pulling away slightly with 31-24.

Going into the fourth and final quarter, Reckleford were ready to give Newbarn a hard time and weren’t giving up the thought of winning. With some early interceptions and turnovers into the quarter, Reckleford started to lead and control the court. However, Newbarn weren’t giving up without a fight, themselves getting turnovers and interceptions in the Reckleford shooting circle. Recklefords defence worked hard in going for every ball and every interception, never giving up. Unfortunately, Reckleford came second to Newbarn winning 39-33.

PP and OP went to Becky H

Aldon V Emeralds

Final score – 61-18

Aldon travelled to Bridgewater to play Emeralds. Despite the awful weather and hailstones, Aldon came out fighting. The quarter starter strong with some great play through court into the D. The quarter ended 12-3.

Aldon came out once again fighting in the second quarter. Some excellent turnovers and defence through court meant Aldon could take the ball to the shooters, who successfully converted to goal. The quarter ended 30-8.

The third quarter saw some changes for Aldon, bringing on fresh legs in different areas of the court. However, this did not affect Aldon as we continued to work amazingly and the exceptional teamwork allowed them to pull away and the quarter ended 44-11.

The final quarter saw Aldon come out fighting with great determination, knowing how close they were to the win. The team remained strong and play through court was exceptional. The game ended 61-18.

PP- Izzy
OP-Katie W

Yeovil A v Taunton A
Final score – 25-10

With a smaller squad for this match the girls put on a big performance. Despite the wet and windy conditions they started the better team and lead at the end of the first quarter 6-1. Taunton came out stronger in the second quarter which was an evenly contested one with the half time score being 11-6. The third quarter saw Yeovil have many interceptions and balls turned over which were very efficiently converted to goals by the shooters. Powering on in the final quarter the team did not let up on the pressure and were deserved winners 25-10

A great squad performance. Thanks to Sarah for umpiring, Lisa for assisting and all the parents for their welcome support.

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