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Taunton Vivary beat Sydenham Gems in Regional League thriller


VIVARY sponsored by Shine Hair Management, hosted Sydenham’s Gems in Regional League 3 winning 44-42.

Both teams were evenly matched for the first quarter, taking time to settle with Gems taking the lead (11-12). The second and third quarters saw Vivary slightly pull away with good defensive work and the use of speed throughout the court down to the shooters. Vivary went into the last quarter leading 36-29.

Gems had the better start to the quarter scoring three unanswered goals. Gems’ defence forced errors from Vivary which saw them come back into the game. The game was goal for goal in the dying minutes with Vivary eventually taking the win.

POMs were Amelia Watson and Lauren Knight, OPOM was Faye Symons. The squad: Lauren Wilkinson, Meg Palmer, Emily Tong, Susie Marsh, Lauren Knight, Nicole Smith, Faye Symons, Amelia Watson.

Tone, sponsored by The Kings Arms, travelled to play Yeovil’s Wyndham winning 64-31. Tone started off with a positive mindset with safe and strong passes, giving them a winning lead of 12-8. In the second quarter, Tone’s defence marked tightly which led to many great interceptions and limited Wyndham’s scoring opportunities (32-15). Tone’s third quarter remained positive with accurate feeding into the circle and great movement in and around the circle against Wyndham’s strong defence (53-21). Despite Wyndham having a better final quarter, Tone worked hard as a team to maintain fantastic play and finished with an amazing, well deserved final score. POM and OPOM was Jade Barnett.

The squad: GS Fee Grammer, GA Jade Barnett, WA Ruby Porter, C Hannah Robins/Erin Humphris, WD Kim Tong, GD Lauren Knight, GK Lucy Jones.

Monmouth, sponsored by Wilkie May & Tuckwood, travelled to play Yeovil’s Newton in the premier division losing 29-52. The dawning of the New Year should herald a fresh start, a chance to leave behind past uncertainties and embrace new horizons; but as we all know old habits are the toughest to break. And so it proved for the enigma that is Monmouth; a strange puzzle full of individual pieces that could make a winning picture, yet seem bafflingly difficult to slot together. Newton are a team of great quality and it was always going to be a tough start to the second half of the season. In a feisty first quarter, where you might expect a dominant side to show its hand early, honours ended even at 12-12.

Neither side was giving a perfect display with both fluid and erratic moments that led to varying success across the court, but Newton’s consistency began to show out, leaving Monmouth trailing 17-27 at half time. Monmouth looked disjointed at times, not helped by forced positional changes due to injuries, whilst Newton continued to ‘get on with the task’ in work-like fashion earning a 24-40 lead. Although Monmouth seemed to greatly improve their movement and passing in the fourth quarter, Newton seemed to have control in the confidence of their play and ran out winners.

POM and OPOM was Erin Humphris. The squad: Vicki Cornish, Hannah Cork,
Quantock, sponsored by Mecca Bingo, travelled to play Bruton’s Robins in the first division losing 35-49. POM was Zoe Stacey.

Priory, sponsored by Matt Durbin Associates, travelled to play Yeovil’s Aldon in the second division losing 33-38. In the first quarter, Aldon dominated the game, with accurate shooting and gaining rebounds from Priory’s missed shots. Priory had a tough challenge to get the ball down the court to their shooting circle with solid defensive play from Aldon (4-12). The game was similar in the second quarter with Aldon’s game staying strong. Although Priory made some great passes around their shooting circle, Aldon kept their lead (14-24).

Heading into the third quarter ten goals behind, Priory made a couple of positional changes. This gave Aldon something different to think about and Priory won the quarter (25-32). It was all to play for in the final quarter and Priory’s heads were high, scoring three unanswered goals. Now just three goals behind Priory had a chance to catch Aldon, but the hosts held their nerve and made interceptions to secure their win.

POM was Hanna Jarvis, OPOM was Gugu Mlotshwa. The squad: GS Lucy Cox, GA Sophie Bond, WA Andrea Dobson, C Sarah Hughes, WD Gugu Mlotshwa, GD Hanna Jarvis, GK Ellie Tolman.

Tudor, sponsored by Marked Skin, hosted Sydenham’s Emeralds in the second division winning 45-28. Emeralds fielded a young team with lots of energy. A strong start from both teams left the score at 9-9 at the end of the first quarter. Some great defence throughout the court and interceptions made by Tudor’s defence in the circle combined with the team playing well together saw them take a 12-goal lead at half time and taking the win.

POM was Charlotte Owen, OPOM was Charlotte O’Leary. The squad: GS Charlotte Owen, GA Lucy Hird, WA Maddy Russell, C Charlotte O’Leary, WD Libby Binding, GD Hayley Milne, GK Tanya Binding.

Brendon, sponsored by Bridgwater & Taunton College, travelled to play Bruton’s Doves in the third division losing 20-38. POMs were Jess Larkman, Kate Hine, Sophia Valmiki and Clara Higginson, OPOM was Jess Larkman.

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