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Vivary beat Homelands in Regional League


VIVARY, sponsored by Shine Hair Management, played local rivals and newly promoted Galmington’s Hovelands in Regional League 3 winning 64-47.

Vivary knew they were in for a tough final game of 2018 against local rivals Hovelands. Both teams started strong with Hovelands taking an early lead in the first quarter. Vivary remained positive and, after a shaky start, found their rhythm and started to take the lead. Turnovers and accurate shooting enabled Vivary to continue to hold their lead and ran out winners. POM was Mya Hounsell, OPOM was Lauren Knight.

The squad: Lauren Wilkinson, Mya Hounsell, Faye Symons, Susie Marsh, Lauren Knight, Meg Palmer, Amelia Watson, Nicole Smith.

Tone, sponsored by The Kings Arms, played Stanchester’s Sharks in the premier division winning 72-36. POM and OPOM was Becky Lucas. The squad: GS Fee Grammer, GA Lauren Knight, WA Ruby Porter, C Hannah Robins, WD Kim Tong, GD Lucy Jones, GK Becky Lucas.

Monmouth, sponsored by Wilkie May and Tuckwood, played Sydenham’s Sapphires the premier division losing 39-56. Monmouth struggled to cope with Sapphires’ direct play in the first quarter going 0-7 down. The new combinations took a while to bed in, eventually fighting back to 12-14. The second quarter was evenly contested (23-28). In the third, Sapphires pulled away with some accurate feeding from their centre court players after forcing errors from the Monmouth girls (29-45). Monmouth hadn’t lost their fight and came out strong in the final quarter going goal for goal.

Unfortunately they couldn’t make any headway and came away on the wrong side of the score line feeling a tad deflated. POM was Vicki Cornish, OPOM was Verity Ward. The squad: GS Vicki Cornish/Helen Lucas, GA Hannah Cork/Vicki Cornish, WA Tina Follett, C Kim Radford, WD Erin Humphris, GD Amy McGregor, GK Verity Ward.

Quantock, sponsored by Mecca Bingo, played Sydenh in the first division winning 48-33. POM was Maisie Reynolds, OPOM was Denise Evely.

Blackdown, sponsored by Mortgage Select, played Tudor, sponsored by Marked Skin, in an interclub fixture with Blackdown taking the win 41-16. Both teams struggled with the weather but it was Blackdown with their strong attack who took the early lead (10-4). With a change of tactics, Tudor closed the gap in the second quarter (14-10).

Blackdown’s defence were very strong and interceptions and accurate shooting saw them increase their lead in the third quarter (25-12). The final quarter was filled with high intensity with everyone pushing to their limits and Blackdown secured their win. Blackdown’s POM was Hanna Jarvis and OPOM was Sophia Valmiki. Tudor’s POMs were Maddy Russell and Charlotte O’Leary and OPOM was Lucy Hird.

Blackdown’s squad: GS Lucy Cox, GA Hanna Jarvis, WA Charlotte Owen, C Louise Frost, WD Victoria Saban, GD Sophia Valmiki, GK Rhonda Robins. Tudor’s squad: GS Lucy Hird/Jess Larkman, GA Maddy Russell, WA Ally Gabell, C Charlotte O’Leary, WD Libby Binding, GD Hayley Milne, GK Tanya Binding.

Tudor, sponsored by Marked Skin, played Walton in the second division losing 25-60. Walton were a very strong team and made an impressive start, scoring 13 goals to Tudor’s 5 in the first quarter. Some great defence and interceptions were made by Tudor, but they did struggle with getting the ball down the court. The team played well together with some good passing around a strong defence.

POM was Charlotte Owen, OPOM was Tanya Binding. The squad: GS Charlotte Owen, GA Maddy Russell, WA Ally Gabell, C Charlotte O’Leary, WD Libby Binding, GD Zoe Godber-Ford, GK Tanya Binding, reserve Sophia Valmiki.

The u16s enjoyed a comfortable win against Penzance (59-37) with different combinations being tried out successfully. POM was Gugu Mlotshwa.

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