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Catch up with the latest reports from Yeovil Netball Club


BABYLON beat Plymouth in the regional league over the weekend in addition to which there were also wins for Newton and Aldon.

Babylon V Plymouth
Final score: 43-38

The first quarter began with both teams pretty evenly matched. Attack worked hard to get the perfect feed into the shooters, communicating and rotating to get the ball to goal. Some great turnovers were made by both teams, and with neither team being able to make a real break, the quarter ended at 12 all.

In the second quarter, Babylon came out with a new-found relentless drive and there was a noticeable step up in the teamís performance. Great pressure was applied all down the court and every single lose ball was chased and backed up in order to gain full possession. To reward our hard work, we managed to wedge ourselves a small goal difference of 5, ending the quarter 24-19.

Babylon went into the third quarter with the same drive and hunger for the ball, and although Plymouth upped their game, causing forced errors which resulted in them gaining possession and winning the quarter we still maintained the lead 32-30. We knew we had to keep our calm and give everything we had left in the tank for the final 15 minutes.

With both teams wanting the win, the final quarter was tough! Babylonís defence were on fire getting rebounds and interceptions and our shooters were on top form and not missing, this being said Plymouth were fighting for the win and it soon became goal for goal. Babylon were not giving up and with the support from the side line, the teams determination and strength and whole court defence we managed to pull away with the final score being 43-38!

Well done to Becky for getting players player and Lily for getting oppositions player. The atmosphere at Westlands was brilliant and we thank everyone that came to watch.

Newton v Kestrels
Final Score 62 - 58

Kestrels started strongly, surprising Newton with a couple of early turnovers. Newton continued to battle throughout the 1st quarter slowly decreasing the lead.
The score was 13-16 with Kestrels winning by 3.

After being beaten by Kestrels in the previous game Newton were even more determined to win, with a few interceptions by the defence, Newton had gained the lead.
The score was 29-28.

Leading into the 3rd quarter Kestrels shooters didnít seem to miss a shot but with hard-work and determination Newton stayed strong all round. With Newton, still ahead 46-45

Heading into the last quarter with a strong team talk from the coaches Newton began to play smart netball, Newtonís speed in the attack and strong defensive pressure led to an increase in lead with the final score 62-58.

Newtonís Players player was Lucy

Wyndham v Abbey
Final score: 22-41

Wyndham played Abbey and fought hard, unfortunately the odds were against us and despite a breakfast of Shreddies we failed to take full advantage of the additional energy and couldnít quite take the lead ending the first quarter trailing by 7

Wyndham fought hard to turn over the ball and with a few changes managed to convert goals and stay in the game finishing the second quarter 13-23.

Going into the third quarter Wyndham had full intentions of pulling the score line back and getting back into the game despite this we continued to throw away silly passes and give abbey the upper hand giving them a 13 goal lead at three quarter time.

The last quarter wasn't our finest hour with the majority of play not going our way. Despite this we didn't give up and continued with the determination to close the gap. It just wasn't quite our week and we failed to close the gap unfortunately losing 41-22 by the final whistle.

OP Katie and Ellie
PP Amelia thanks to her weetabix

Aldon V Chalice
Final score: 31-29

Aldon played Chalice at home this weekend in the rain. Aldon fought hard to the end with great grit and determination leading them to the win.
Aldon went out in the 1st quarter knowing that with the horrible weather conditions that they had to play it safe with some excellent passing down the court and the attack working it well to get the ball in to the shooters the quarter ended with chalice slightly ahead 7-12

Aldon continued into the 2nd quarter with fighting spirt knowing that there were only a few goals in it with defence taking some amazing interception and with the centre court picking up some excellent turnovers Aldon won the quarter which meant they were only 2 goals behind ending 14-16
Going into the 3rd quarter Aldon continued to play their own game, determined to take the lead with our shooters working well together and with everyone putting pressure on every pass that chalice made Aldon ended the quarter in the lead 27-24

During the 4th quarter we kept fighting for every ball and forced lots of error and mistakes down the court with Chalices good defence and shooters Aldon didnít let it faze them. Determined to take the win Aldon kept encouraging each other and fought till the end. Ending the game 31-29 to Aldon.

PP - Tash & Izzy
OP Ė Tash

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