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Check out how Taunton Netball teams fared at the weekend.


TONE, sponsored by The Kings Arms, played Bridgwater’s Saturn in the premier division winning 34-29.

POM was Lucy Jones, OPOM was Tejah Mossman. The squad: Fee Grammer, Jade Barnett, Ruby Porter, Hannah Robins, Kim Tong, Tejah Mossman, Lucy Jones, Becky Lucas.

Monmouth, sponsored by Wilkie May and Tuckwood, played Galmington’s Claremont in the premier division losing 37-52. POM was Vicki Cornish. The squad: Vicki Cornish, Maisie Reynolds, Helen Lucas, Claire Mason, Kim Radford, Erin Humphris, Amy McGregor, Becky Lucas.

Quantock, sponsored by Mecca Bingo, played Bridgwater’s Neptune in the first division winning 34-28. The first quarter seemed to be a struggle for Quantock as Neptune were attacking extremely well.

They managed to keep an equal score (10-10). The second quarter seemed to stay fairly even as the attack and defence were working just as hard. The heat of playing indoors started to get to a few players but Quantock pulled together as a team and supported each other (15-15). The third quarter worked better for Quantock and they managed to take a lead of 26-21. The shooting really picked up and hardly any goals were missed. The defence managed to get rebounds and stop the ball getting into Neptune’s shooting circle whilst the attack stood strong and worked the ball around their shooting circle. Neptune came back fighting in the final quarter and scored 7 goals, but Quantock managed to match their play and score 8. Quantock had some strong interceptions and good, accurate passes with perfect timings. POM was Abbey Teape.

The squad: Helen Lucas, Maisie Reynolds, Molly White, Kate Durbin, Abbey Teape, Sharlie White, Melissa Cleverly.

Priory, sponsored by Matt Durbin Associates, played Gamington’s Queensway in the second division losing 26-39. A tidy match played by both teams despite the windy conditions. Priory started well, keen to keep passes short and mark tight – they did hold their own with some decent play across the court but lagged 7-11 at the end of the first quarter. Verity and Ellie switched positions for the second quarter and had their work cut out by Queensway’s shooters. Getting to grips with the wind, Priory got into their rhythm and lost the second quarter by only one (15-20). The defence switched back to their original positions for the rest of the match, whilst mid-court Queensway marked tightly to make Priory work to get the ball into their circle. Zoe and Sophie had to be close to the post to avoid shooting from distance in the windy conditions. The third quarter ended 22-29, despite good efforts from Priory across the court. Queensway pulled away in the final quarter, fighting for every ball and finished strongly. POMs were Sarah Hughes and Gugu Mlotshwa, OPOM was Zoe Stacey. The squad: GS Zoe Stacey, GA Sophie Bond, WA Andrea Dobson, C Sarah Hughes, WD Gugu Mlotshwa, GD Ellie Tolman, GK Verity Ward.

Top of the table Blackdown, sponsored by Mortgage Select, played local rivals Galmington’s Queensway in the second division losing 30-39. The first quarter started evenly with both teams playing well despite the blustery conditions (9-8). It continued to be close in the second quarter with Newbarn making some good interceptions to move into the lead (15-17). The third quarter was Newbarn’s quarter as, despite a great effort from Blackdown’s defence, they were able to use their GS’s height to their advantage (20-31). Blackdown rallied in the final quarter but the margin was too great to close. POM was Louise Frost, OPOM was Tina Follett.

The squad: GS Lucy Cox, GA Tasha Levy, WA Kate Stubbins, C Louise Frost, WD Victoria Saban, GD Tina Follett, GK Rhonda Robins.
Tudor, sponsored by Marked Skin, played Bridgwater’s Venus in the third division losing 30-32. Tudor started off well against an evenly matched opposition, ending the first quarter ahead 10-7. The wind created a bit of a challenge throughout the second and third quarters, with Tudor managing to keep a one goal lead through tips and smoother feeds into the circle (25-24). The game remained close heading into an exciting final quarter with some good interceptions and turnovers from both teams. The score stayed level until the last 30 seconds when Venus managed to score two goals to take the win. POM was Sophia Valmiki. The squad: GS Lucy Hird, GA Maddy Russell, WA Ally Gabell, C Charlotte O’Leary, WD Libby Binding, GD Tina Follett, GK Sophia Valmiki, reserves Kate Hine and Tanya Binding.

Brendon, sponsored by Bridgwater and Taunton College, played Galmington’s Comeytrowe in the third division losing 24-37. POM was Hanna Jarvis.

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