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Check out the Yeovil Netball teams at the weekend


YEOVIL Babylon played Galmington at home this weekend, WINNING 49-43. We fought hard to get the ball swiftly to goal, showing great persistence in order to secure the win.

The first quarter began with both teams pretty evenly matched. We came out determined to get a win this week, working hard to get the ball into the shooters. Some great turnovers were made in both attack and defence, which pressurised Galmington’s play forcing them to make a few unforced errors which Babylon quickly turned into goals.

In the second quarter, Babylon came out with a new-found relentless drive and there was a noticeable step up in the team’s performance. Balls were released with speed and intent and there were less overall penalties down the court. Great pressure was applied right from the shooting circle if a turnover was made and every single loose ball was chased and backed up in order to gain full possession. To reward our hard work, we managed to wedge ourselves a small goal difference of 3 goals.

During the third quarter Galmington came out fighting, stealing balls out of the air all over the court. However, when Galmington did slip ahead, Babylon were quick to react and get back into the game. Everyone on the team showed great grit and determination in order to prevent Galmington from making any huge breaks ahead. Despite our effort this quarter ended with Galmington 1 goal ahead of us.

From the moment the whistle blew for the last quarter we knew that we had to keep our calm and get the win we deserved. We were very aware that the match was not over and neither was the fight. Defence had cracked Galmington’s centre passes which unsettled the rest of their play, enabling the rest of the team to win a huge number of tips and interceptions. Ultimately, this extinguished any hope of a comeback from Trident. The score at the end of the final quarter was 49-43.

PP went to Sam
OP went to Charlie

Wyndham V Claremont
Final Score: 44-47

Both teams came out fighting during the first match of the day, Claremont had a good start and went ahead by 4. Wyndham fought back to close the lead and the first quarter finished neck and neck, 12-12.

A few changes were made to the Wyndham team at the start of the second half. Focusing on man marking and first time passes into the circle, Kirsty found space and had an excellent game. Claremont managed to pull away on a few turnovers, with the score 22-25 to them at half time.

Wyndham had a good start to the 3rd quarter. Working together as a defensive duo Anna and Tonia’s interceptions allowed Wyndham's attack to work the ball up the court and close the lead on Claremont to be level. It was point for point, with both teams fighting for the lead. Claremont managed to turn over a few of Wyndham's attacking chances towards the end of the quarter still giving them a 31-34 lead.

Knowing the gap could be closed, Wyndham dug deep to close the gap but unfortunately Claremont shooters kept there cool under pressure and remained ahead with the game finishing 44-47.

PP : Kirsty
OPs : Anna & Tonia
Hendford v Parkfield
Final score: 37-37

Hendford faced parkfield at home this week in one of our toughest games yet but we battled our way through.

In the first quarter Hendford got off to a flying start with lots of interceptions both in the attacking and defending areas and ended the first quarter ahead 14-7

The second quarter started strong but unfortunately Karla was carried off injured. This unsettled Hendford so parkfield took advantage and managed to close the gap leaving only one goal in it. The second quarter ended 19-18 Hendford.

In the third quarter Hendford came back on with great determination and great defensive work and the shooters were taking confident shots from further out. This lead to Hendford pulling away ending the quarter up by 5, 32-27.

The last quarter Hendford were still very determined and we were very strong, but by the end we were becoming tired and started to rush, which lead to Parkfield catching us. Unlucky for Hendford , Parkfield scored in the last second making the score 37-37.

Thank you for Zoe and Lucy for standing in and our super injury subs Beth and Becky. Well done to player’s player Lucy and opposition player Katie.

Reckleford vs Queensway
Final score: 35-47

Reckleford started off strong with some great interceptions from the defence and great attacking. The shooters were on top form and did some great shots. Unfortunately, the other team managed to turnover a centre pass and win the quarter with a narrow lead. 10-13

The second quarter started out strong with lots of tips and collections. Unfortunately, the other team came out fighting and managed to pull ahead with a 24-19 lead

Reckleford went into the third quarter determined to bring it back. They started off brilliantly with a new combination in the shooting circle. However, Queensway was strong and managed to pull ahead further.

Still not letting their heads drop, Reckleford continued to fight and gave it all they could in the final quarter. The game ended 35-47. Reckleford fought all the way and refused to give up!

PP and Op- Tammy

Summerhouse V Comeytrowe
Final score: 25-35

To begin with, and throughout the match, Summerhouse brought lots of energy to the court. Consistently driving in for passes, although occasionally too early leaving the ball carrier with little options. Summerhouse defence held their own against strong attacking opponents. The quarter ended 5-8 to Comeytrowe.

Through the second quarter the girls moved the ball along the court well and gelled better as a team. The attack and shooters worked the space in and around the D well to allow the shooters to achieve advantageous positioning. Despite this positive play, Comeytrowe continued to play well and the quarter ended 11-19 to Comeytrowe.

In the third quarter, slight fatigue started to step in. Throughout the game Summerhouse’s C was setting the majority of play at both ends of the court meaning working really hard. As she tired it became obvious how integral she was to the game. When the ball was in the attacking D a high percentage of the shots were successful. The quarter ended 16-27.

From here Summerhouses aim was to win the final quarter, which was achieved. There were plenty of options on the centre pass and the girls used their space efficiently with less ineffective drives. The last 10 minutes saw some impressive shooting and strong defense. The game ended 25-35 to Combeytrowe.

Players Players: Emily and Charlie
Oppositions player: Charlie

Yeovil U14s

Yeovil 1 took on Keinton 2 in the opening game of the season. A very tight first quarter saw Yeovil edge ahead 2-1. More determination in the 2nd quarter created more shooting opportunities which the shooters took advantage of, moving the score on to 8-1 at half time. Great defence from the whole team really restricted possession for Keinton. Despite an injury during the warmup leaving only 7 able to play, a blood injury meant that only 6 were on the court for several minutes, the team worked tirelessly and ran out comfortable winners 19-5. Well done girls.

Yeovil 2 started the season playing Paulton 1. The team played some good netball getting several tips and turnovers. Steady scoring in the first 3 quarters saw the team coming out leading 10-6. Unfortunately for Yeovil, Paulton found their best shooting combination in the final quarter and ran away with it winning the match 16-12. Much to work on including turning interceptions into possession and then keeping it, but overall a promising first match.

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