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Yeovil Netball teams were in action at the weekend


BABYLON's opening match of the season against Imperial Royals ended in an exciting 42-41 draw.

The Yeovil side came out fighting in the first quarter with a steely determination to win our first match of the season. Everyone kept the intensity high and effectively man-marked right the way through the quarter, applying pressure to Imps every move. Our strong 3ft marking created the opportunity for multiple turnovers and interceptions and pressured Imps into a few unforced errors. Babylon ended this quarter in the lead 11-10.

Heading into the second quarter we were determined to extend our lead further. Once again everyone kept the intensity high, backing up all lose balls and creating some lovely space on court. Circle defence pressured Imp’s shooters forcing lots of balls to fly off the back line. Our shooters worked hard to work the ball into goal, showing fantastic composure in the face of Imperials defence. This quarter ended 20-21 to Imps.

After a couple of minor injuries in the 2nd quarter which forced Babylon to switch up the team mid-game, we began to settle and adjust to the new players on court. Centre court worked the ball down the court (seemingly) effortlessly to create some great opportunities for the shooters. Everyone was switched on and giving their all to try and pressurise Imps game in an effort draw ahead once more. After bridging a gap of four goals between us and then we had a minor lapse of concentration which Imperials took advantage of. The score at the end of the 3rd quarter was 31 all. 

Heading into the 4th quarter we were determined to get the win we deserved. Despite some great interceptions all the way down the court, Imps managed to pull ahead by 4 goals, leaving Babylon a significant deficit to close with only 5 minutes to go. However difficult this was about to be after already fighting through 3 tough quarters, the whole squad raised their game and we managed to pull it back to level pegging. Despite this not being the ending we had hoped for, the draw was an improvement from the seven-goal loss last season. It also demonstrated the fantastic team effort as well as the strength and resilience of all our players. 

Thank you to everyone who came to support us at the ‘central’ venue down in Plymouth
PP was Charlie
OP was Dani

Hendford V Harlequins
Final Score:- 41-34 
Hendford played Harlequins at Home in Yeovil this week. The game started strong with Hendford showing their determination with getting some amazing turnovers and tips. The first quarter ended 10-8 to Hendford

In the second quarter Hendford continued to be on their toes but Harlequins started to fight back with the score at half time finishing at 19-18 to Harlequins.

Team changes were made for the 2nd half in attack and defence, this upped Hendfords game and they came back fighting. With defence getting many turnovers and with Hendfords accurate shooting they pulled back to 32-24.

In the last quarter, Hendford excelled themselves and really took the game to the opposition and came out thoroughly deserving winners with the final score 41-34. 

Opposition & Players Player – Katie

Reckleford VS Blackdown
Final score: 22-32

After last weeks win, Reckleford were determined from the first quarter and went out fighting. Their intention was to put the defensive techniques they’d been practicing in training into the game and this was evident throughout the court. Since it has only been a couple weeks since playing Blackdown, it didn’t take Reckleford long to adapt to their opposition. However a couple turnovers and consistent shooting from the opponents left the first quarter with Reckleford behind 9-7.

Throughout the second quarter, the play was a lot more fluent down the court. Recklefords shooters gained more confidence which prevented interceptions from Blackdown around the attacking D. Despite constant effort and interceptions from Recklefords defense, Blackdown began to pull away and the second quarter ended 18-11.

Recklefords midcourt players kept the intensity all through the third quarter, pressuring the opposition and causing them to give away interceptions. Withought being affected by the score, as a team Reckleford fought tirelessly for every ball, but due to the experience and constant goals on target within the Blackdown squad, Reckleford ended the third quarter losing 27-18.

Unfortunately, Reckleford couldn’t recover from Blackdown’s strong play in the previous quarters, however they didn’t let this get them down. They encouraged eachother and communicated well which pressured Blackdown until the end. The final score did not reflect how well Reckleford have gelled as a squad in these last few games and they are excited for the positive play to continue.

A very well deserved PP- Izzy and OP- Tammy

Aldon V Tudor
Final Score: - 20-23

In the first quarter we were losing 7-10, as a team we all worked very well together and the played flowed very nicely. The defence and centre court did some lovely turnovers but we didn’t have enough time to claw it back.

In the second quarter we were winning 16-14, the defence stayed strong, doing lots of turnovers and getting the rebounds in the circle. The shooters had great accuracy and were very consistent.

The third quarter was very close but Tudor just managed to claw away and the score ended up 20-23. All through the court we started to force errors and were chasing down loose balls.

During the fourth quarter Tudor pulled away even more and the final score was 22-28. We kept fighting all the time and forced lots of error and mistakes. Overall, we played extremely well and worked together well.

Minstrels v Summerhouse
Final score – 25-24

In the first quarter of the match summerhouse were leading, they showed real teamwork and played a perfect quarter. Summerhouse were successful in winning the first quarter 11-6.

In the second quarter the shooters scored 2 more goals however the opposition scored 5 more, summerhouse was still winning however minstrels weren’t far behind, the second quarter ended 13-11.

After half time both quarters were really tense. Our shooters were strong and scored with every attempt and our defenders demonstrated some great interceptions! After the third quarter the score was 17-16 to summerhouse.

The fourth quarter started and the opposition put up some great shots and were leading, Summerhouse tried their hardest and bought the score to a draw. The last 5 minutes was a race to the finish with each team going goal for goal, unfortunately in the last seconds of the match minstrels scored.

The final score was 24-25 to minstrels.

Players player was Emelia 
Player of the match was Maisie

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