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Check out how Taunton Netball Club teams went over the weekend


TAUNTON Netball Club have just had a very busy weekend with their teams enjoying mixed fortunes.

Tone, sponsored by The Kings Arms, hosted Yeovil’s Newton in the premier division losing 45-53. Tone started off in the first quarter with some good, strong play and a very determined attitude.

However they were tested on team communication and skills and trailed 11-16. In the second quarter Tone remained determined with a few errors and slips and some great defence in the opposition circle and Newton pulled slightly further ahead (20-27). Tone’s third quarter was a real test for teamwork on the court with some more errors and miscommunication (31-43).

However Tone’s final quarter was fantastic all over the court from defence through to the shooters. They remained calm and had some lovely turnovers in defence and the centre third which brought the score back close but an unfortunate loss. POM was Jade Barnett. The squad: GS Fee Grammer/Vicki Cornish, GA Jade Barnett, WA Freya Bryant, C Hannah Robins, WD Kim May, GD Lauren Knight/Nicole Smith, GK Nicole Smith/Lauren Knight.

Monmouth, sponsored by Wilkie May and Tuckwood, hosted Yeovil’s Wyndham in the premier division losing 41-46. In the first quarter Wyndham came out strong adding defensive pressure throughout the court resulting in Monmouth having a slow start and Wyndham taking the advantage (7-11). Wyndham made a change to their WA in the second quarter and while Monmouth’s defence worked hard to add pressure to the attack, Wyndham took advantage of every opportunity with accurate shooting.

Despite this Monmouth managed to draw the second quarter with 11 goals a piece scored (18-22). Monmouth came out fighting in the third quarter. Winning interceptions made by Verity, Amy and Erin and many tips throughout the court, the ball was then brought down the court efficiently with Monmouth taking the lead (32-31). Wyndham came back strong in the fourth quarter with clean interceptions and accurate shooting to win the match. POMs were Kim Radford, Vicki Cornish and Hannah Cork. The squad: GS Vicki Cornish, GA Hannah Cork, WA Kate Durbin, C Kim Radford, WD Erin Humphris, GD Amy McGregor, GK Verity Ward.

Quantock, sponsored by Mecca Bingo, hosted Yeovil’s Hendford in the first division winning 37-28. Quantock took a strong lead in the first few minutes and became 5 goals up very quickly.

Unfortunately with a few obstruction calls and unforced errors Hendford were able to decrease the deficit to finish with a 7-7 draw at the end of the first quarter. Quantock took the first centre in the second quarter and managed to then turnover Hendford’s centre with the shooters making good use of the opportunity and scoring. But then with a strong attack to feed the shooters and a few missed rebounds Hendford turned the ball over and scored to answer on the bounce. The quarter ended with Quantock luckily taking a small lead (18-15).

The third quarter was Quantock’s strongest with the attack being able to out play Hendford’s defence with accurate timing and passes. The defence worked hard to turn over Hendford’s attacking play with great interceptions (28-21). Hendford started strong in the final quarter with some great interceptions and strong marking meaning they were closing the gap. But Quantock turned it around and managed to force errors from Hendford and used this to score several times in a row giving them the confidence to increase the gap with steady attacking play and strong defence to turn over the ball. POM was Sharlie White. The squad: GS Zoe Stacey, GA Maisie Reynolds, WA Andrea Dobson, C Tina Follett, WD Abbey Teape, GD Sharlie White, GK Melissa Cleverly.

Priory, sponsored by Matt Durbin Associates, hosted Yeovil’s Reckleford in the second division losing 29-50. With several team changes to adapt to, Priory took time to settle in the first quarter and Reckleford took an early lead (5-16). The second quarter was Priory’s strongest with the ball being moved well down the court and accurate feeds being made to the shooters by Sarah and Louise (17-27). Ellie, Denise and Gugu did well in defence to try to disrupt a very strong attack from Reckleford in an even third quarter (25-36). Despite Priory’s best efforts Reckleford pulled away in the last quarter but Priory kept their heads high and showed good team play to keep within half of the score for a well deserved point. POM was Sarah Hughes. The squad: GS Lucy Cox, GA Sophie Bond, WA Louise Frost, C Sarah Hughes, WD Gugu Mlotshwa, GD Denise Evely, GK Ellie Tolman/Sophia Valmiki.

Blackdown, sponsored by Mortgage Select, hosted Yeovil’s Aldon in the second division winning 43-25. Blackdown got off to an amazing start in their second match of the season, scoring 11 goals in the first quarter to Aldon’s 3. The team stepped up to the mark and there were some excellent interceptions by the defence which the shooters converted. Aldon came back in the second quarter with some good interceptions and conversions, managing to close in on Blackdown’s lead (16-11).

With a regroup at halftime, Blackdown managed to score another 12 goals in the third quarter to Aldon’s 8, starting to pull away. The last quarter saw Blackdown score a further 15 goals with excellent movement from Kate and Ally down the court to Tanya and Tasha who converted well to take the win. The whole team played brilliantly with some excellent defence from Hayley and Rhonda and some great interceptions from Victoria. POM was Tasha Levy. The squad: GS Tanya Binding, GA Tasha Levy, WA Ally Gabell, C Kate Stubbins, WD Victoria Saban/Mel Reynolds, GD Hayley Milne, GK Rhonda Robins.

Tudor, sponsored by Marked Skin, hosted Walton in the third division losing 34-57. Tudor had a brilliant game against Walton which sadly ended in defeat. The first quarter they started well but unfortunately fell behind (6-15). The second quarter continued to challenge them and after giving their all sadly they fell further behind (11-33). With some jelly babies for energy at halftime they started the third quarter with some positional changes but Walton continued to pull away (16-47). Tudor doubled their score in the final quarter, working together and communicating for their best quarter to keep within half of Walton’s score for a well deserved point. POM was Rebecca Willy. The squad: GS Tanya Binding, GA Ali White, WA Rebecca Willy, C Charlotte O’Leary, WD Libby Binding, GD Hayley Milne, GK Sophia Valmiki, reserves Mel Reynolds and Nicole Smith.

Brendon, sponsored by Bridgwater and Taunton College, hosted Yeovil’s Summerhouse in the third division winning 57-26. Despite a convincing win, it was a tough and closely fought game with the visitors establishing an early lead. Both teams fielded a mix of ages and experiences and the home defence were up against strong and accurate shooting. New pairings in both of Brendon’s circles soon gelled well with all of the team going for every ball, great feeds into the circle and lovely shooting. POM was Ellie Murray on her senior debut. The squad: Ellie Murray, Charlotte Owen, Mel Reynolds, Tina Follett, Trish Hutchinson, Kate Hine, Sophia Valmiki.

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