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Newton round off with a victory in local derby


A LOCAL derby for the final match of the season saw Newton travelling to Crewkerne to play Sharks.

The teams were placed 6th and 7th in the Premier League with only pride to play for. Newton made a good start and pulled ahead only to be pegged back by a slow starting Sharks. Newton were having none of it through and forged ahead again to lead 12-8 at the first break.

The second quarter was an end to end affair with tight marking, turnovers and sharp shooting on display. Sharks took it by 1 and closed the gap to 3 at half time with Newton leading 23 - 20.

Changes were made at both ends by Newton for the third quarter and Sharks capitalised on the uncertainty of the new formations. They turned over balls and converted them to win the quarter by 4 and be in the lead by 1 at 3 quarter time.

Newton were determined not to go down without a fight and duly came out strongly in the final quarter. The defence were all over the Sharks attack restricting their shooting opportunities while in the mid court the ball was safely transitioned to the shooting end. Great patience was shown to keep possession and make sure the pass into the shooters was safe. This was the best quarter of the game, keeping it exciting for the spectators, with Newton taking the win convincingly 43 - 38.

It was a great performance to finish the season - Fantastic!!

Wyndham v Hendford 35-42

Both teams came out fighting on this glorious sunny Saturday. Hendford’s defense managed to turn over a few Centers passes and ended the first quarter 8-14 in Hendford’s favor.

With both teams hungry for the win, the 2nd quarter was a hard battle. Hendford regained their lead with the half time ending 19-23.

Wyndham came out attacking for the 3rd quarter and gained the lead, this was thanks to the awesome interceptions from their GD Tammy. Hendford dug deep to fight back and finished the 3rd quarter 29-32.

Hendfords attack where on form today, their GA: Karla, had a cool head in the heat, and managed to score off the center passes and took advantage of a few turn overs. Hendford finished with a win of 35-42.

Reckleford v Aldon 34-52

Reckleford started the first quarter with the intensity from last week. They wanted the man on man marking to force aldon to make errors. Reckleford were 4-0 up and feeling positive but aldon came back fighting. Ending the 1st quarter 16-11 to aldon.

Reckleford knew they had to tighten up and play the ball around the circle as the aldon defence was strong and tall so we needed front balls every time. There were some amazing drives from the shooters which they converted. 28-19 at half time.

Both teams brought on fresh legs meaning the 3rd quarter started with the same intensity as the first. Reckleford defence were on fire, standing strong and forcing the errors. On the return ball up court the centre court players were strong and committed to every ball. Unfortunately aldon continued to pull away finishing the 3rd quarter 42-25.

With nothing to lose reckleford went out fighting they all made some beautiful flying interceptions especially by gk. Every player on reckleford continued to fight through the heat and the large goal difference to the last second!! Game finished 52-34 to aldon!
A huge well done to everyone and thank you to the supporters throughout the season.

PP Izzy W
OP Dani C

Aldon faced Reckleford in what was set to be an exciting inter club match to end the season.

Having already beat them once this season, Aldon knew Reckleford were going to come out fighting, however Aldon’s plan was to just have fun and play the game their way.

The first quarter stared as Aldon expected, with Reckleford hitting the ground running and quickly turning over Aldon’s first centre pass to take an early lead. However, Aldon soon found their stride and with some fast attacking play were able pull themselves back in to it. Aldon pressured every ball and were able to force errors, which they quickly transitioned down the court and converted, ending the quarter 16 - 11 to Aldon.

Aldon went into the second quarter wanting to build on their momentum from the end of the first. However Reckleford came back fighting, with some excellent defensive play, closing the space in the D and causing Aldon’s attack to make errors. Having had a great season together in the D, Aldon’s shooters used their experienced partnership to overcome the pressure, creating space, which enabled easy feeds from the D edge. The quarter ended with a 28- 19 lead.

The key for Aldon in the third quarter was keeping the intensity high, and fighting for every ball. Some changes were made to both attack and defensive ends, to introduce fresh legs. Both players settled quickly into the game, and Aldon were able to maintain their intensity. Sticking to their game plan Aldon took interceptions in every third of the court. The Aldon defence worked tirelessly to pressure the Reckleford attack and overturn the ball. The quarter ended 25- 42.

Going into the final quarter with a 17 point lead Aldon could feel the win coming. However Reckleford fought right to the end and Aldon could not get complacent, nearly loosing the last quarter. When the final whistle went, the score was 34- 52 to Aldon.

A brilliant team performance and a great win to end the season with.

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