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Tone notch up a double in busy week at Taunton Netball Club


TONE sponsored by The Black Horse Inn, played two fixtures this week in the premier division; the first seeing a win against Keinton’s Kestrels 45-35.

Tone knew this would be an interesting and well contested game with a much closer score line than they would have liked, with many errors and an unfamiliar court environment. However Tone remained calm, picking their heads up when needed to secure the win.

Jade and Helen stepped in nicely at GS with lovely space and well timed drives, linking well with GA usual Leila. Meg at WA did great defensive and attacking work winning several interceptions whilst Freya at C showed intensity throughout the court with great feeds to the shooters.

POM and Captain Kim made life difficult at WD for her WA, making several interceptions and forcing errors from Kestrels. Nic at GD and Lucy at GK caused many Kestrel feeds to go off the back line and won some great rebounds which the shooters duly converted. Although not the Toner game they expected, they showed strength and determination to hold onto the win, reflecting well their success over their first season in the premier division. POM was Kim Tong.

The squad: Helen Lucas, Jade Barnett, Leila Aladin, Meg Palmer, Nicole Smith, Freya Bryant, Kim Tong, Lucy Jones, Ria Binding.

The second, against Galmington’s Claremont, saw another win of 55-35. This was a well fought battle by both teams with every member of Tone having a fantastic match. The game started off slowly with Tone finishing the first quarter only two goals ahead, but as the game progressed Tone got into their flow and pulled away.

A newly formed shooting combination saw young GS Lauren Wilkinson make an awesome debut for Tone and link well with Tone GA usual Leila. Lauren held her space with great strength against a physical GK while Leila drove into the space and put away the distance shots. Meg (WA) and Freya (C) played the game with their usual intensity and determination giving calm, well-seen feeds and winning interceptions in the centre court.

The defensive trio of Kim at WD, Nic at GD and Lucy at GK dominated against Claremont’s attack. Kim, as captain, kept the game calm, giving lots of support throughout and helping to convert the ball from defence through to attack. Nic and Lucy dominated Claremont’s shooting circle, making their feeds very difficult. Few opportunities for rebounds when shots were put up by Claremont’s accurate shooters. Yet again it was a great win for Tone who played well as a team, supporting each other and staying positive throughout the game.

POMs were Lucy Jones and Leila Aladin. The squad: Lauren Wilkinson, Leila Aladin, Meg Palmer, Freya Bryant, Kim Tong, Nicole Smith, Lucy Monk.

Monmouth, sponsored by Granite Transformations, hosted Galmington’s Parkfield in the first division winning 46-24. Both teams started off strong with Monmouth taking the edge leading 14-7 at quarter time. With some great team play and timely interceptions Monmouth went on to extend their lead to 22-13 at half time. With a win on their minds, Monmouth came out fighting in the second half and extended their lead to 32-19.

The final quarter was Monmouth’s best with fine interceptions and great shooting to finish the game with a much deserved win. POM was Kim Radford. The squad: Lauren Wilkinson, Rachel Morgan, Clara Higginson, Kim Radford, Tina Follett, Ria Binding, Melissa Cleverly, Verity Stone.

Quantock, sponsored by Mecca Bingo, played Bruton’s Robins in the first division losing 30-32. In the first quarter Quantock defended well in the circle and shot well. Quantock struggled with the timing of their passes and Bruton’s defence made interceptions in their shooting circle to win the first quarter 6-8. Quantock marked more tightly in the second quarter making interceptions easier and timing of passes improved throughout the court.

Despite overhead passes catching the defence out, they managed to win some rebounds and convert them to take the lead (15-14). The third quarter started well with better passes into the shooting circle and good offering and back up in the centre court, giving players time to drive towards the ball. However Robins forced some errors to turn the score back around in their favour (22-24).

Quantock started the last quarter strong with shooters dodging and driving towards the ball and blocking out the defence. Robins marked tightly and gained some interceptions making effortless passes to their shooters which helped them clinch the win. POM was Tejah Mossman.

Priory, sponsored by Matt Durbin Associates, hosted Galmington’s Queensway in the second division winning 38-36. Both teams started strong with Queensway pulling ahead initially with a few early turnovers. Priory kept their heads and settled into their stride with good play across the court and accurate shooting from Zoe (GS) and Tasha (GA) to end the first quarter leading 12-9.

Despite Queensway’s best efforts Priory maintained their lead in the second quarter, however this narrowed to two goals with some good play from both teams. Priory played well as a team with Helen (GK) and Verity (GD) maintaining a strong defence against accurate Queensway shooters. Centre court players worked hard to get past a determined Queensway defence to get the ball into the shooting circle.

Queensway upped their game in the third quarter and worked hard to put the pressure on – finishing the third quarter five goals ahead. Priory, accompanied by strong courtside support, kept their heads up and didn’t panic; chasing every loose ball and keeping the pressure on Queensway. Louise picked up the WA bib following an injury to Mel for a tense final few minutes and when Priory managed to not only claw back to equal but went ahead by one. Priory retained their lead until the final whistle and were rewarded with a two goal win.

POM was Tina Follett. The squad: GS Zoe Coggins/Maisie Reynolds, GA Tasha Levy, WA Mel Reynolds, C Tina Follett, WD Andrea Dobson, GD Verity Stone, GK Helen Cleverly.

Blackdown, sponsored by Mortgage Select, travelled to play Walton in the second division losing 23-49. The first quarter saw Walton shoot with accuracy and convert Blackdown’s errors and the quarter ended with Walton taking the lead (8-13). Walton settled into the game in the second quarter and move the ball around the court well, defend well and shoot with accuracy and start to pull away (12-29).

Half time saw some team changes for Blackdown helping them to find their rhythm but Walton maintained their lead (19-39). The fourth and final quarter saw both teams feed well into the shooters but Walton’s defence intercepted well and gained rebounds for the game to end with a win for Walton.

POM was Sarah Hughes. The squad: GS Tanya Binding, GA Tasha Levy, WA Sian Blake, C Sarah Hughes, WD Abbey Teape, GD Denise Evely, GK Helena Perry.

Tudor hosted Galmington’s Newbarn in the third division winning 27-33. Both teams made a good start to the game with Tudor taking a slight lead at the end of the first quarter (13-10). The second quarter saw some great turnovers by Tudor’s strong defence giving them an eight goal lead. The interceptions kept on coming as the third quarter saw Tudor extend their lead to ten goals. Newbarn put up a good fight and scored a good number of goals in the final quarter but it was not enough against the accurate shooting from Tudor who claimed the win.

POM was Ally Gabell. The squad: GS Zoe Coggins, GA Amy Lewis, WA Ally Gabell, C Louise Frost, WD Trish Hutchinson, GD Verity Stone, GK Rhonda Robins.

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