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Babylon beat Trident in final match of the season.


BABYLON played their last game of the season against Trident at the end of which they ran out the 53-37 winners. Babylon persistently fought hard to win the ball and showed complete commitment and determination in order to secure the win.

The first quarter began with both teams pretty evenly matched. We came out hard, firing up the same grit and determination that we’d used to win the Hucclecote game. Attack worked hard to get the perfect feed into the shooters, communicating and rotating to get the ball to goal. Some great turnovers were made by both teams, and with neither team being able to make a real break, the quarter ended 12-11 to us.

In the second quarter, Babylon came out with a new-found relentless drive and there was a noticeable step up in the team’s performance. Balls were released with speed and intent and there were less overall penalties down the court. Great pressure was applied right from the shooting circle if a turnover was made and every single lose ball was chased and backed up in order to gain full possession. To reward our hard work, we managed to wedge ourselves a small goal difference of 3 goals, ending the quarter 25-22.

During the third quarter we were able to knock Trident’s confidence, stealing balls out of the air like we were playing in the Commonwealth games. The whole squad worked together to squeeze the attack and defence to either ends of the court, preventing any strong drives. Multiple 3-second-penalties were gained this way, allowing Babylon to take the advantage straight to goal. Despite the pressure, our shooters were on form (as per usual) and we even saw some slam-dunks. This quarter ended with Babylon 6 ahead.

From the moment the whistle blew for the last quarter we knew that we had to keep our calm and maintain our lead. We were very aware that the match was not over-and neither was the fight. Defence had cracked Trident’s centre passes which unsettled the rest of their play, enabling the rest of their team to win a huge amount of tips and interceptions. Ultimately, this extinguished any hope of a comeback from Trident. The score at the final quarter was 53-37.

PP went to Sam and Laura
OP went to Laura

Babylon-sponsored by MD Carpentry and Property Improvements

Wyndham v Monmouth

Hendford v Avalon


Hendford faced Avalon in a fiercely fought match at home this weekend. All feeling inspired by England netball Commonwealth achievements the team headed into the game determined and focused. Hendford took the first quarter to settle into the game. Communication was strong between the team, but Avalon managed to pull a small lead of 7-11.

In the second quarter slight alteration were made to the Hendford team’s attack. Hendford believed they were strong enough to pull back the goals, returning to the court enthusiastic and hopeful. All players increased pressure on the ball which resulted in extra turnovers. During this quarter Hendford converted interception to goals and were at one point leading by a goal. However, Avalon also increased their intensity in the game and re-gained lead, 16-19.

Third quarter Hendford triumphed! A few changes were made across the court. The team worked together, focused, and implemented comments from the half time captain’s comments. Defence applied intense pressure on Avalon’s attack and made incredible interception, attack fed the shooters quick and effective passes which were turned into goals. Hendford intercepted and turned over goals again and again. Taking the lead and winning the quarter 34-27.

The final quarter, Hendford were aware to hold their lead theyhad to remain calm and focused. All players fought with passion until the end of the game. Hendford retained their lead winning 46-36. Well done girls!

Players player – Karla
Oppositions player – Charlie

Reckleford v Queensway

Reckleford played Queensway in the first sunny game of the year. Reckleford, with a young squad, started very strong with defence, centre count and attack all performing well. First quarter was goal for goal ending 7-7.

Second quarter started with the same squad and the same determination and ended 17-17

Third quarter both Queesnway and Reckleford made some changes to their squads. Reckleford struggled to feed balls to their shooters due to Queensway’s improved defence. At the end of the third quarter Queensway were ahead by three goals. Score 26-23.

In the final quarter Queensway were strong and forcing Reckleford to make errors. Reckleford fought to the end, but the final score was 39-27 to Queensway.

PP - Alice & Lucy
OP - Emily

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