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Mixed results for Taunton Netball teams over the weekend


TAUNTON Vivary, sponsored by Shine Hair Management, hosted top of the table Exeter in their final home match of the season losing 39-54.

Anticipating a tough game after their last encounter Vivary started well and were level with Exeter for the first few minutes before falling slightly behind (10-14). Both teams continued to fight through the second quarter with Vivary keeping up their intensity, shooting and defending well (20-27). Some squad changes were made at half time and a new look attack for Vivary took to the court for the third quarter which Exeter dominated and pulled away (28-45).

Despite Vivary fighting hard in the final quarter and winning the quarter by one goal, Exeter’s early lead consolidated their win with Vivary taking away a well deserved point for half score. POM was Lauren Knight and OPOM was Leila Aladin.

The squad: Fee Grammer, Emily Tong, Becca Holder, Leila Aladin, Becky Lucas, Freya Bryant, Faye Symons, Meg Palmer, Lauren Knight, Lauren-Jade Griffiths, Gracie Stevens.

Monmouth, sponsored by Granite Transformations, hosted Bridgwater’s Sapphires in the first division losing 44-59. Monmouth started off slow getting into the flow of the game against a strong Sapphires side and trailed by ten (6-16). Monmouth kept their heads high and tried to keep possession of the ball to score as many goals as possible but Sapphires extended their lead (17-29).

The third quarter is known to be the worst but not for Monmouth, even though they were still behind they smashed out the quarter scoring more goals than Sapphires and turning over as many balls as they could (33-43). Monmouth put all out in the last quarter trying to take the lead but unfortunately didn’t quite achieve it. POMs were Ria Binding and Tina Follett. The squad: GS Helen Lucas, Jade Barnett/Lauren Wilkinson, WA Rebecca Willy, C Kim Radford, WD Tina Follett, GD Ria Binding/Tejah Mossman, GK Melissa Cleverly.

Quantock, sponsored by Mecca Bingo, hosted Paulton’s Vipers in the first division winning 52-50. A well fought first quarter from both teams saw Quantock lead by three (14-11). Quantock continued the fight throughout the second quarter as Vipers fought back to get the lead by two goals (23-25).

After half time Quantock came back with fight and determination and great accuracy of shooting to start pulling away (40-32). Quantock continued to play their best netball despite Vipers bringing back the score to within two. POM was Charlotte Denman.

The squad: GS Lauren Wilkinson, GA Charlotte Denman, WA Rachel Morgan, C Kate Durbin, WD Andrea Dobson, GD Tejah Mossman, GK Sharlie White.

Priory, sponsored by Matt Durbin Associates, travelled to play Keinton’s Kites in the second division losing 36-39. Priory were keen to take on Kites having lost by 8 in their last fixture. In the first quarter Priory came out strong with the defensive combination of Abbey (WD), Amy (GD) and Becky (GK) making it difficult for Kites to get the ball into their shooting circle and led 12-7 at the end of the first quarter.

Kites made some changes going into the second quarter and while Priory’s midcourt Sarah (C) and Mel (WA) did well to bring the ball down the court, Kites’ defence worked hard managing to pull back the difference and end the second quarter ahead (19-20). Despite some great shooting from Maisie (GA) and Lucy (GS) from all over the circle Kites pulled away some more in the third quarter (26-29).

An injury to Maisie in the final quarter saw a reshuffle for Priory, giving Linda a chance to stretch her legs at GK and Becky a chance to stretch her arms at GA – shooting an impressive 100%. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite enough for Priory with Kites claiming the win. POM was Amy McGregor.

The squad: GS Lucy Cox, GA Maisie Reynolds/Becky Lucas, WA Mel Reynolds, C Sarah Hughes, WD Abbey Teape, GD Amy McGregor, GK Becky Lucas/Linda Holder.

Tudor hosted Sydenham’s Emeralds in the third division winning 53-27. The team got off to a flying start in the first quarter with excellent passing down the court with Tudor taking an early lead (19-5).

In the second and third quarters Emeralds picked up their game and went on the attack, however Tudor was able to maintain their excellent defence and attack to pull further ahead. In the final quarter Tudor remained strong, the team continued to play well and ended up with a well deserved win. POM was Zoe Stacey.

The squad: GS Zoe Stacey, GA Sophie Bond, WA Sian Blake, C Louise Frost, WD Ally Gabell, GD Becky Lucas, GK Rhonda Robins. Congratulations to Lauren Knight who umpired – her first
Somerset league game after passing her Into Officiating course!

Brendon hosted Tor’s Thorns in the third division losing 14-46. Brendon started slowly with Thorns taking an early lead (2-11). However each quarter they managed to slowly pull back and doubled their score by the last quarter from 7 to 14. POM was Libby Binding.

The squad: GS Beth Lacy-Rigby, GA Felicity Lukacs, WA Millie Jay, C Charlotte O’Leary, WD Libby Binding, GD Trish Hutchinson, GK Emma Burns.

Our under 16s also took to the court this weekend to meet Exeter losing 45-55 in a very competitive match. POM was Tejah Mossman.

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