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  Taunton Netball Club teams in action over weekend  

VIVARY sponsored by Shine Hair Management, travelled to play Sydenham’s Gems in Regional League 3. Always a close match up between the two sides, Vivary expected a challenging game.

They got off to a good start, scoring off their first centre pass and turning over Gems’ to afford themselves a slight lead. Gems fought back and the score evened, with little to pick between the teams, ending with Vivary leading 14-13 at the end of the first quarter. The second quarter continued similarly, with the score swinging both ways, to finish even at half time (26-26). Vivary made some positional changes in the third quarter and some errors crept in, which Gems took full advantage of to take a 36-41 lead. Vivary continued to fight until the final whistle, but Gems maintained their lead and claimed a 49-57 win. Congratulations to Hanna Jarvis, who made her Vivary debut. POM was Ruby Porter, OPOM was Jade Barnett. The squad: Fee Grammer, Jade Barnett, Ruby Porter, Tia Chaloner, Zoe Shadlock, Amelia Watson, Nicole Smith, Hanna Jarvis.

Tone, sponsored by The Kings Arms, travelled to play top of the league Lovell Titans in Regional League 3. With a depleted squad due to injuries and absences, Tone anticipated a tough game. Players stepped up and did a great job and Tone got off to a strong start, trailing 7-13 at the end of the first quarter. Titans showed their class from then on in, with their young, fit and talented squad pulling away. Tone kept their heads and battled hard throughout, maintaining defensive pressure, but Titans came away firm winners 23-66. POMs were Hannah Robins, Verity Ward and Erin Humphris, OPOM was Erin Humphris. The squad: Emily Tong, Vicki Cornish, Hannah Robins, Erin Humphris, Lauren Griffiths, Becky Lucas, Verity Ward, Charlotte Halsall.

Monmouth, sponsored by Wilkie May and Tuckwood, hosted Bridgwater’s Neptune in the first division. Both teams started strong, with turnovers and accurate shooting, but Neptune took the lead at the end of the first quarter (8-11). Monmouth came back fighting in the second quarter, managing multiple turnovers and good rebounds, which led to them taking a slight lead (20-18). Both teams continued steadily in the third quarter, but Monmouth managed an extra goal, making the difference 31-28. Neptune came back fighting extremely hard and really turned up their defensive pressure. Monmouth held their own, with plenty of encouragement across the team and from supports on the side, to clinch a 38-37 win. POM was Abbey Teape, OPOM was Verity Ward. The squad: GS Vicki Cornish, GA Hanna Jarvis, WA Rachel Lockyer, C Kim Radford, WD Lottie Hanrahan, GD Abbey Teape, GK Verity Ward. Ball sponsor: Ling Shooting.

Priory, sponsored by Matt Durbin Associates, played Galmington’s Newbarn in the second division. The opening exchanges were tight, with both teams turning over the ball regularly, but Priory were making the most of this and ended the first quarter leading by three. Both teams settled into their own games during the second quarter, with Newbarn managing to claw a goal back by half time. Things continued in much the same manner during the third quarter, but Priory managed to pull away by another two goals thanks to some accurate shooting and great feeds into the circle (27-23). Newbarn went into the final quarter firing on all cylinders and scored six unanswered goals. Although Priory reacted and worked hard until the final whistle, Newbarn took the win 31-34. POM was Lindsay Smith, OPOM was Andrea Dobson. The squad: GS Zoe Stacey, GA Sophie Bond, WA Andrea Dobson, C Lily Smith, WD Holly Gaskin, GD Victoria Saban, GK Lindsay Smith. Ball sponsor: Ling Shooting.

Blackdown, sponsored by Mortgage Select, played Galmington’s Queensway in division 2. Blackdown had met Queensway in a cup match so new it would be a tough game. With new combinations, Blackdown got off to a slow start and trailed 6-18 at the end of the first quarter, coming away knowing what to work on. The second quarter saw Blackdown settle a little for a fairly even quarter (14-29). A strong third quarter for Blackdown saw the defence working tirelessly to gain rebounds and some lovely feed into the accurate shooters (22-41). Queensway continued to pull away in the final quarter, however Blackdown kept their heads in the game until the final whistle, when Queensway ran out match winners (27-54). POM and OPOM was Lucy Cox. The squad: GS Lucy Cox, GA Jemma Gent, WA Charlotte O’Leary, C Louise Frost, WD Sarah Hughes, GD Sophia Valmiki, GK Linda Holder.

Brendon, sponsored by Bridgwater and Taunton College, lost to Galmington’s Highfield. POM and OPOM was Lexie Parsons. The squad: Trish Hutchinson, Millie Chappell, Michelle Chappell, Emma Burns, Libby Binding, Lexie Parsons, Freya Harvey, Lorna Thorne.

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