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Taunton and Pickeridge to host Rules Evening to update members


THE start of 2019 saw the introduction of a number of key changes to the Rules of Golf that have been published by the R&A.

To ensure that all members are aware of the implications that this has to their round of golf, Taunton and Pickeridge Golf Club will be holding a Rules Evening on Thursday March 28th.

The evening is being presented by qualified tournament officials from the PGA and commences at 7.00pm.

This evening will give the initiated, and the less so, the opportunity to hear the new rules in detail supported with videos in a very relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

The evening will also give members the chance to come along and ask any questions they have regarding the implementation of any aspect of the rule changes.

The 2019 rules have been introduced to simplify and speed up play.

Entry to The Rules Evening on Thursday 28th March is free and food specials will be running on the evening.