Somerset Rebels v Redcar
©  2019 Colin Burnett & Haggis Hartman
Gallery Story
Images copyright of Colin Burnett (Images prefix CB) (
and Haggis Hartman (inages prefixed HH) (

1. (CB) Anders Rowe (R) and Henry Atkins (B) have Heat 2 all sewn up from Nathan Greaves (W) and Jack Smith (Y)
2. (CB) Rory Schlein (R), Michael Palm Toft (W), Todd Kurtz (B) and Nathan Greaves (Y) arrive at the first turn four abreast in Heat 6
3. (HH) Nico Covatti (B) and Charles Wright (W) battle it out in Heat 5
4. (HH) Rory Schlein (R) leads Charles Wright (W) in the opening heat


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